Thursday, March 23, 2006

my friend suze

Got this article from my friend Susan, in Ashland, Oregon.

We promised in a way so solid and committed that

the call swayed Universes...and even the Will of God


"We will stay until the last Being is saved from suffering"

In this New Time, the time of allowing sovereignty, how does one
let go? How do we unlearn the modalities and methods
of saviour, martyr, mentor, etc. that have served us
and others so well?

How do we seemingly turn our backs as we walk into the
Eternal Sun, void of drama and illusory sensations? How
do we reconcile in ourselves all those who are still
choosing the illusions we interpret as suffering? What
does the evolution of Bodhisattva look like?

Whether we realize it or not and whether our eyes
ever see evidence of it, we have actualized our mission
to its fullest.
We, as a Collective Soul, chose these lifebodies to take on
many, if not all, of the most dense attributes holding humanity
in the cemented grid system it has long since endured. The deepest
darkest of shadow that was. We dove into the deep end of the
pool of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual afflictions...
We murdered, we raped, we avenged, we stole, we jealousied,
we hated - we deeply experienced separation and loss in all
of its faces and forms.
Not only did we walk these attributes, we, as a Collective Soul,
have also cleared and/or helped others clear them, ultimately
forgiving every transgression done unto us or by our own hand.
This honey balm of forgiveness clearing and
resultant removal of blame opened
a multitude of gridlines - blasting density into Light. These
pinpoint openings have become humanity's (the Collective
Consciousness) trapeze to freedom for those ready to fly;
our final curtain call, the final act of love, the liberation from
the docudrama, the completion of the Bodhisattva vow.
By illumining the pathways, much like the emergency exit
signs we see in public places, all souls one by one will
decide for themselves by way of free will choice what
they will create in their futures. No judgment, no criticism,
no matter of form they choose.
We may have thought this particular zero point finish line
would look different; holding a stream of vigilance for so long
hoping everyone would end up in the happy bliss line.
When the real gift was to give possibility through
self-healedness and allow each soul unit to
quantify their own pace, surrendering our own hopeful projections.
We knew this final letting go would
be hard, but the truth is, it places the ultimate crown upon
the sweet head of each Beloved - the crown of unconditional
love...our gift of Freedom.
Our only task was to answer the call of those who cried out from
the trappings of doubt, guilt, shame and all other fear based
illusions. Those who just could not find a way out. Those
desperately seeking themSelves. The cry of the Collective
fragmented Heart to feel whole again.
We did it. It is done. New choice is available for ALL. No
one has been left behind. The "healing" work is complete.
We may continue facilitating or not. If we do it may simply,
though powerfully, shift from the angst of need to the joy
of discovery...a very different vibrational offering.
What's left for the Bodhisattva?
Perhaps to now open ourselves fully to the last frontier of
Shadowville - the dimmed and unseen potential of Joy.
I'm talking unbridled, childlike, glistening Joy.
Open those gridlines within Self now. Commend ourselves
a job well done in the bowels and heaviness of suffering
letting go of it in totality. Accept the shift into full blown
joyous and abundant Self expression.
Play in the quantum field of limitless Being that
creates a smile in every cell, whatever that looks like for you.
Choose Now.
Let our Being now Create from the unseen, un-illumined
Light sh! a! dow of Self. Continue to Be the Wayshowers we are
yet anew, forging expansive mind, delicious experience, and
enduring peace.
Service is now about unwrapping Us to fully taste the sweet
ambrosia of our deepest blossom. We've waited all our lives to
share this with one another. Welcome to the party!
Let us now dance together down the largely unused path of
soul fulfillment until it is muddied with tears of laughter and
trodden with countless heart shaped footsteps.
Grab your body instruments! Sing out, sculpt away, beat
your drum. Look around you and see who's here with you.
Grab them to whirl and twirl with our other Collective Soul Mates
to the internal tone of the One Heart that called us Home.
We made it!

Susan Grace
Consciousness Shift Facilitator * Heartist * Yoga Instructor
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