Friday, March 10, 2006

Kissing Your Masculine Self

Dreams about kissing the inner male

I've had two dreams lately where I kissed a male in a particular, non-sexual but deeply intense way. It's difficult to articulate the difference in this kiss from any other in a dream but it is entirely different.

For one thing, whenever I am connecting with the male aspect of myself and striving to integrate some male/female imbalance within myself, the dream kiss is always long, almost completely still and incredibly connected. No kiss in real life was ever that intense and still at the same time.

In the first dream, I do not recognize the man but when our lips meet, I fall into trance and we seem to stand there, lips totally connected but not moving at all, forever. It is a long, long kiss and so much seems to be happening that moving at all is just impossible. Nothing can be added to this experience.

In the second dream, my masculine self takes the form of Jack Black, the actor. I remember thinking, in the dream itself, how beautiful his lips were. I remember thinking that I didn't recall him having such luscious lips. Then, we kiss and again, it is a motionless, full connection that seems to last forever. I'm aware, in the dream and while dreaming, that I am kissing my masculine self. When I wake, I ponder why my inner male took the form of Jack Black......I still haven't figured that one out.

I consider both dreams wonderful, just wonderful. At this point in my life, taming the natural tendency to do, do, do (masculine) and just allow flow, harmony, grace and the beauty of being (feminine) is a moment-to-moment challenge. It really takes most of my focus right now, this desire to balance being and doing. For most of my life, the masculine has ruled. I have done things, taken action, made things happen. It really doesn't work to be in masculine energy all the time. Sure, you make things happen but, for the most part, anything made to happen outside it's own flow, is doomed to be mediocre or worse, to fail. Doing, without being, is very short of divine.

Of course, being with no doing negates choosing to live in the third dimension at all. Doing has it's place, as the natural outcome of being. But for most of my life, I've had that cart before the horse. Working with all my consciousness to shift that pattern now. These two dreams tell me I'm making progress.

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