Monday, June 14, 2010

A New Direction for Dream Speak

Dreams in General

Since I decided to move my dream interpretation work over to my medicine dreams diary, I pondered closing Dream Speak.  I hated to do it though since I have so much content here but what else could Dream Speak be about but dreams.....

Oh, snap.  It could be about dreams for your life.  Goals, dreams, things you want to do, etc.

That's kinda funny too cause I'm about out of those, those kinds of dreams.

I did do a test the other day, designed to help you find your life purpose.  It was quite interesting in that it sort of brought me full circle to how I started out a healing facilitator.  For many years, I seemed to work almost exclusively with those who were ready to heal the inner child and reclaim their original essence.

Then, my work broadened and sort of went away from that somewhat.

When I did this test, you were supposed to brainstorm things you wanted to do until something you wrote down induced tears.  What brought me to tears was this idea of learning to play with others again like children, to recapture the innocence, creative courage and boundless energy of children and to help others find those things within themselves.

So, full circle back to the child within.

How does that look as a life purpose?  I don't know.  Maybe that's what I'll blog about here now.

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