Thursday, August 25, 2011

Medicine Dream About Ex

Taking Responsibility for my part in a past relationship trauma

When my spiritual marriage of seven years ended, to say I was devastated would have been a vast understatement.  I was utterly and completely demolished.  In fact, it took another seven years for me to come back alive, or feel any true sense of moving on.

I went thru quite a few levels of clearing, forgiving, asking forgiveness, etc. during that seven years and the years since.  I felt I had dealt with it, finally.

However, I am finding out that these times we are in demand a whole new level of resolve and transformation of the illusions of our apparent past.

My dream:
I am in my old home with my partner.  I am telling him that I want to own my part in what happened with us.  I speak out what I felt to be my own judgements, resistance, negativity and non-progressive aspects of participation.

Although the dream ended on a note that let me know there was another facet of that experience that still held some accountability and balancing for me (and this is not karma I'm referring to, per se, it's a different experience for me ... in some way I don't feel comfortable articulating yet) so I expect there may be another dreamtime journey in store.

Normally, I'd ask myself what area of my life the dream was addressing, but this was such a straight-forward, soul-level astral journey that interpretation isn't even something I need to explore.  It was more than a dream.  I'm glad my dreamtime is transforming thru astral travel communication and look forward to more of same.

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Katlyn Kizzee said...

I'm not sure if you can help but is it bad to have the same dream over and over again. I have had this dream since I was about 7, but I can not tell if it's good or bad. Possibly both? It always leaves me feeling watched and uncomfortable, but nothing seems to come of it. Any help?

J Smash said...

I enjoy seeing others who have high interests in dreams as well. I just started up a dreamer blog a few weeks ago (somthing I have wanted to do for a long time.)